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Developmental delay and hearing aids

Posted by clare
31/08/20 09:38 AM

I'm wondering if there is anyone with experience of hearing aids in children with developmental delay. My son is severely/profoundly deaf and has had hearing aids since 4 months but due to being unwell/prolonged hospital admissions hasn't fully completed testing and hasn't worn his aids that much.  He is now 14 months and not yet sitting and when in a seat needs lots of head support. We find that lying down or in supportive seating his hearing aids constantly feed back or knock off as he moves his head. This combined with them falling off whenever he pulls his glasses off/knocks them off by rolling his head means he only ever has glasses and hearing aids when we are sitting and playing with him. Does anyone have any top tips for hearing aids in children who spending most of the day lying or very supported?

Posted by emsiebarty
08/09/20 05:28 PM

Hi, have you tried a hearing aid headban? I can highly recommend

I started using this for my son who had a genetic disorder when he was 5 months and started t pull them. He is now almost 3 and we still use them all day. Good luck.

Posted by nikki
08/09/20 07:53 PM

Hi Clare,

We started using these Stick and Stays ( ) when our little girl was a few weeks old and they have been great as they essentially stick on the back of the hearing aids and then stick to the head! They were great for keeping the aids in place as well when she was lying down, wriggling and wearing sunglasses.

Also, if you are interested, I run a company called Happy Little Ears ( which makes hats to be worn with hearing aids to help stop little fingers grabbing them. I'm trialling a new style at the moment with a few other parents, so if you were interested in giving one a go for free and feeding back, let me know at [email protected]

I hope you find something that works for you and your little boy :)

Posted by f
11/09/20 10:08 PM


we used the stick and stay double sided sticky things..we used to get them from audiology. We also got some HBG tape off’s essentially the same sort of thing but in a roll so you cut the size you need..seemed to work quite well. 

Hope you find something that works! 

Posted by florke-sen
14/09/20 08:02 PM


we had a similar problem. Our little one (now 3yo) has cerebral palsy and can't sit without support, including head support. We tried stick n stays but they werent so good for us as they stuck to her hair! We ended up using headbands, which were perfect. I think we started by ordering them from Genie, an Australian company, which cost £11 a band. There's lots out there, hearing Henry's and the like, but we found a lady who has a children's clothes shop and she makes them for us now. 

What worked best in the end was having headbands AND using otoform, which a deaf adult suggested to us. It's like a cream you put on the ear mould and reduces friction, so they are less likely to jiggle and come loose. Your teacher of the deaf or audiology service should have it and provide it for free if you ask. Of course, there were still times they'd come out but the combination meant that they were held in place and there was much less feedback. 
Hope you find a solution for your son, I know it can be frustrating. 

Posted by soapyduck
16/09/20 03:38 PM

Sorry cant help with the question as my daughter has hearing aids but only one year old. Thought id just share this page with you for hearing aid safety cords there great for kids and really fun designs.