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Posted by sleepyhead
17/06/20 10:01 AM


This is my first post so apologies in advance if I have added this in the wrong place.

I wondered if anyone had any advice on bed/sleep routines that I could try with my daughter?

She is 4 and was implanted a couple of years ago. To begin with her sleep pattern didn't change at all and she usually slept between 7/8pm and 6/7am the following morning.

We went on holiday a couple of years ago that put her out of her bed routiune, but ever since then she has only slept through the night twice.

I know nearly all parents have concerns about their child's sleep, but she now wakes around 1am and is awake all night, every night. She doesn't nap during the day either.

I've read hints and tips on various websites but haven't had much success. She sleeps without her implants on but is too young to put them back on herself when she wakes. Nightlights, toys, scents etc all don't seem to work either.

I feel like we are in a total loop and have ran out of ideas.

Any advice, suggestions or tips would be most welcome.


Posted by thecitwins
18/06/20 02:48 PM

Hi Sleepyhead


I’m sure this won’t be a magic answer (if I did have a magic answer on how to get children to sleep through I’d be richer than I am!) however, I do have twins and both have implants, implanted around the same time as your daughter. They are nine now, so the first thing I can say with authority is I promise it does get better! I think partly because we had twins, a strict routine was always the only thing that I found worked, and I’m sure you have tried this but even when it was tough I really stuck to that with my two starting from the beginning of bedtime routine and when they woke etc. The one gadget / toy thing that did work for us was the GroClock? I’d be surprised if you hadn’t heard of it, but if you haven’t tried it then I’d definitely give it a go. We got one and got the kids involved in setting it up / seeing how it works, it’s great for deaf children because it’s so visual, it glows blue and shows stars round the edge that disappear as the wake up time becomes closer. At wake up time it glows and turns to sun. My tip with it is for the first few nights to only set it to come on a short time after your daughter would naturally wake, and then if she does stay in her bed and waits for the light to come on she won’t get too frustrated, then each night just add some time on. I didn’t think it would work for us, as nothing else had, but this did and it gave us a new routine that worked (I can’t remember for how long, but after months of sleepless nights even a short time is a victory!)


I hope it helps!

Posted by smegal
21/06/20 11:39 AM

Hi - my son is 9, moderately deaf in both ears and wears hearing aids. He still cuddles his 'moo moos' (blankie type things) and we've bought him a weighted blanket - that really helps.  A dark room (we have black-out blinds PLUS black-out lined curtains) - although he goes to bed with a nightlight on, I turn it off during the night.  He prefers to sleep with someone else in the room - ie share a room with his brother but we tend not to.  The earlier to bed the better, oddly, and a long bedtime routing helps - bath, bed time reading - no rush.

Physical activity and fresh air during the day also helps, as does swimming in the evening (used to swim at the local club before lockdown).

Oh, and lavender back massages are his fave too.  It's as if it's a mindset thing.

Hope it helps

Posted by sleepyhead
22/06/20 11:32 AM

Thanks for the tips, everyone.

I'll try these out and let you know how I get on!