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Hearing Units in Secondary School

Posted by skypilot
23/09/20 01:25 PM

Hello! I am a Mum of a Yr 6 boy with bilateral implants. He has an EHCP and 25 hrs of 1:1 paired or small group support. We are now looking for a secondary school and were wondering whether going to a school with a hearing unit is a good option? I would be grateful for any advice from parents who have gone through this stage - we are even thinking of moving job and house to give him the best chance. Many thanks in advance for any advice

Posted by lwtulips
30/09/20 12:24 PM

I'd be interested in this too as I have a Year 5 bilateral girl with EHCP 25 hours too!

Posted by kat
30/09/20 05:39 PM

Hi, my daughter has just started uni so it was a while ago but here's her story for what it's worth! In y6 she was severely/ profoundly deaf but used hearing aids. She was at mainstream juniors using a radio aid and also had some extra support in class . Our nearest secondary with a unit was a way away and she had loads of friends locally so we went mainstream. We did meet resistance at first as they had never had a child with that level of deafness and it "threw a spanner in the works" as she wa doing well academically and they usually used TAs in the lower sets. Our teacher Of the deaf gave some whole school training and made sure she get the support she needed. She used a radio aid in all lessons and missed art to do some pre teaching. She did really well but she did find break and lunch hard as it was so noisy. In year 11 she lost all remaining hearing in her right ear but carried on and did well

in GCSEs. College was also good - she did a BTEC not A levels and had some TA support. She waa implanted just before year 2 of college and they were fab at supporting her. A tough TofD was essential for us so the school couldn't let things drop!! It won't be without hiccups but if you are prepared to be "that parent"

uou can make sure they are fulfilling their role and providing pre teaching etc . Good luck! 

Posted by hoonerbird
11/01/21 06:33 PM

My granddaughter is proudly deaf with Cocula implants and was at a primary school with a base for deaf children it was ok and then we had to look at a secondary school we looked at both secondary school with a base and a deaf school and a lot does depend on where you live

we want for a deaf secondary school and haven't looked back as my granddaughter has come on so much as she feels now that she fits in and with it being a all deaf school the staff understands deaf children I've been brought up with the deaf and it is very hard to find that right school