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Posted by swanseaparent
04/10/20 03:56 PM


My son is 7yrs old with cochlear implants. I'm trying to get ahead of the game and find a suitable alarm clock that he can get used to before relying on an alarm when he goes to secondary school.

He's a very button happy child so the vibrating watches that exist aren't really suitable.

As there are quite a few out there with the vibrating pads so I'm hoping I can find users out there to see if they have any product suggestions.

They are very expensive so I don't really want to make the wrong purchase.

Ideally it needs to have a really strong vibrate on it as he's a tough cookie to wake at the best of times.

Thanks in advance for your help

Posted by muk
06/10/20 05:08 PM


My daughter is 7 and is a cochlear implant user.

We recently purchased:

Geemarc Wake n Shake Star- Alarm Clock with Extra Loud Alarm

and Powerful Shaker- UK Version

It works well, and our daughter gets up for school by herself.

She turns it off each Friday and back on Sunday morning ready for Monday. 

The only thing I don't like is the wire for the vibrating pad.

When I researched, I was told if I wanted wireless, the best option

would be a travel alarm clocks but the vibration is not as powerful.

 Good luck

Posted by kat
06/10/20 07:07 PM

Hi, after 18 years of waking my daughter we decided to get her a vibrating alarm ready for uni! We got the Bellman Visit system after it was reviewed in one of the NDCS magazines. It's been great - very strong vibrate. We have added a smoke alarm to it which then vibrates plus flashes red if it goes off. You can also add a doorbell and stuff like baby monitors although may be a bit soon for that! It wasn't cheap but it's very adaptable and we liked the fact you can add other gadgets to it. 
She also has a travel alarm clock where the whole unit vibrates- we got it from Connevans and it says it's the strongest shake one. It worked for her when she went on holiday on her own. Can't remember the make but I'll add it later - might be good if they do cub camp or school trips etc. 

Posted by kat
06/10/20 08:59 PM

Me again! The travel clock is the Sonic Alert Sonic Shaker which you can get from amazon or connevans (and probably more!) but it had excellent reviews and is very "violent" for a small travel device! 

Posted by cc ndcs volunteer host
09/10/20 11:54 PM

Last year, Nottingham City Council provided the following 2 alarm clocks free of charge. We could also ask for replacement if they are broken provided the council is still supplying them.

Echo® PowerWake™


Geemarc Wake 'n' Shake Voyager Travel Alarm Clock


You could also borrow one from the NDCS Technology Test Drive when it is running again. It is temporarily closed due to COVID-19 (coronavirus).