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Phonak Marvel and FM transmitter

Posted by flower90
04/11/20 09:01 PM

Hiya, we are due to get an upgrade on our daughters hearing aids. She is 16 months old and is now forward facing in her pram. So we have been put forward for the phonak marvel aids witb the built it fm reciever and Bluetooth. I am just wondering if anyone has experience of these ? And we are also getting an fm transmitter, not sure of which one but also looking to see what peoples experience of this is. 

Thank you, stay safe everyone.

Posted by Claire ndcs moderator
17/12/20 03:45 PM



Thanks for starting this thread.


I’m sorry that you’ve not had any comments yet – the community is still quite new but hopefully other parents will respond in time.

We have lots of information about hearing aids in our booklet for families and we also have information about different makes and models of FM devices on our website.


Our technology team would be very happy to answer any questions you might have, including advice about compatibility. You can contact them by emailing [email protected] or by contacting our Helpline.


We also have an in-house audiologist who’d be able to provide advice from an audiology perspective – you're very welcome to contact our Helpline so they can put you in touch. 


Take care,



Your Community moderator team

Posted by bsl81
03/03/21 10:23 PM

Hi, I don't have any personal experience of these but I am a ToD. You may have already spoken to your ToD about this by now anyway!

The internal receivers would need to be activated by purchasing Roger X receivers with a serial number starting with 1744 and above and then these receivers are put safely away as the functionality is now activated within the internal component of the Marvel aid. The radio aid transmitter can then be used as normal. You also need to have access to the device that transfers the Roger X to the internal receiver. Sensory teams or your audiology department may have access to this if they have been fitting Marvels but not sure if you are planning to purchase this equipment yourself. Please speak to your ToD first to discuss options.

Hope that is helpful? Please let me know if there is anything else?

Best wishes x