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Age appropriate book suggestions

Posted by embob
04/12/20 12:01 AM

Hi everyone 

my baby boy is 13 months old nd wears 2 trying at the moment to encourage him to sit and concentrate on things for any length of time and I've found that the last few days I can get him to sit and wait for whatever we're do8ng but holding his interes5 can be hard. I have noticed he likes to turn pages in books and as he's due a radio aid monday coming I cannot 2ait to start reading with him in the hope he will sit and engage with me. On this basis I'm wandering if anyone can help me with some suggestions for suitable books Which I can use to star5 to explain that he has hearing aids please?. I have wandered if he's too young but I guess if I start young it will become the norm for us, well that's my hope. I keep searching for books but as I'm not really sure what I am looking for I can't seem to get my wording right. I guess I'm looking for a book where the character wears hearing aids maybe... with some good pics in as visually he will concentrate for a short while. 

thank you in advance for any help you could offer us.xx 

Posted by denise ndcs moderator
17/12/20 04:23 PM


Thank you for starting this thread. I’m sorry no one has commented yet. Your Community is still very new and we’re still building up our membership. 

It is lovely to read about all the progress your baby boy is making. You can find suggestions of books with deaf characters in our books reviews article. This includes reviews of several books suitable for 0-4.   

We can sense how passionate you are about reading books with your baby. We share your passion. In fact we have book competitions for deaf children and young people to write books that represent them.

You can find more about our latest book competition on our children’s storybooks page.

We hope this information is useful and that more parents will contribute with other book suggestions.      

Take care


Your Community moderator team

Posted by embob
17/12/20 11:29 PM

Hi there 

thank you for your response to me x 

we are now using a radio aid and wow ... digressing from my original subject can I just use this opportunity to let other parents know this little piece of technology has made a massive difference to my son. He's concentrating more and really enjoying almost exploring our voices it's amazing plus he is wearing his aids for longer than ten minutes at a time which is a bonus at this age .. it's like he suddenly sees the benefits of them.. I'm amazed x 

I believe there to be a book called elephant and the lost blanket which I intend to search for and purchase tomorrow where the elephant character wears two aids. But this week I've settled on a  book called I love you because and the best thing is I know he can hear me tell him I love him x 

hope everyone's well anyway and merry Christmas x