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Posted by kaz
03/02/21 08:30 PM

Hello! Just wondering if anyone has tips for what hats might be appropriate for cold and wet weather? Particularly for a toddler who wears bilateral hearing aids and can't tell us how it effect her hearing. I'm aware that covering the ears can cause feedback, rustling, reducing hearing etc... but equally want to keep her warm and more importantly her aids dry in the rain as she attends forest nursery! Thank you ☺️

Posted by ctw
19/02/21 01:43 PM


my daughter one wears bilateral hearing aids and used to hate wearing hats, I didn't push it on her because of the same concerns you had. I found a hood on a coat worked better, but after a few months she is happy wearing a hat even with ones that cover her ears. She's seen me wear a hat a lot recently, so I think that might have helped as she would often point at my head and say "hat"l!" I also think  because it has been so cold outside she has just appreciated the warmth! 
I hope your daughter adjusts to wearing hats soon and you finding something that works well

Posted by hrm
19/02/21 03:50 PM

Hi. Our daughter (3) also wears bilateral hearing aids and she happily wears a woolly bobble hat. I always worried about the rustling and feedback but that doesn't seem to happen in our case. I think because it actually fits snugly over her ears and doesn't move around as she's running and climbing, it doesn't cause her a problem. She stills hears us pretty well with it on. 

If borrowing a few styles from someone is an option (I did this with with the bag of spares from our nursery they lent us for a weekend) try a few out and see what works for your daughter. 

We seem to have more of a problem with summer hats that sit just on the top of her ears and can catch/rub the aids that way and are easier to come off!


Posted by corkgirl
19/02/21 08:18 PM

Hi, we found that hand knitted hats worked best and at the other end of the scale fleece hats were the worst for causing feedback. I have girls so we were lucky that hand knitted bonnet style hats would fit down over the ears without causing issues. 

Posted by bethedgar
27/04/21 01:48 PM

Hi. Sorry I'm a bit late commenting. Just reset my community log in. I've just found this website

the lady has a little one with bilateral hearing aids and makes hats that don't affect microphones or cause feedback. they are lovely. My little girl is 3 with aids in both ears. 

hope this helps! Xx

Posted by nikki
27/04/21 03:25 PM

Hi there,

I promise I'm not here to sell to you, but I actually run Happy Little Ears (thank you to Beth Edgar above for the mention and lovely feedback!) and I actually make and sell winter hats specially designed for little ones who wear hearing aids.

I made and tested them on my own little girl as I couldn't find anything out there that kept her warm and looked like a bobble hat but was adapted for her hearing tech.

If you have any questions I'd be happy to help and like I said, not here to sell but I do know where you can get one option of what you need :)



Posted by kaz
28/04/21 03:41 PM

Thanks so much for the advice everyone! And for the link to happy little ears, it looks great :) Will definitely get ordering for next winter, thank you. Now for the summer hat solution... eek! xx