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nursery and mini mic for CI's

Posted by f
23/02/21 10:51 AM


My son has just turned 2 and will be starting nursery soon. His teacher of the deaf says that the mini mic would be best for him to hear his teacher etc as they dont supply radio aids for nursery.

Does anyone have any experience with their child using the mini mic at nursery? Im just worried about it getting lost etc as its ours rather than the education setting's and wondering how neccesary it will be?

We used to use the mini mic when he first got his CI's in the car as he used to hate the carseat, however as he has got older he seems to be fine hearing us in the car so we havnt really used it for a while

Thank you 

Posted by mmbn11
03/03/21 12:35 PM

Hi. My son is 3 and been at nursery for almost 2 years. He has only just received a radio aid supplied by together for children and it has done him the world of good. In such a busy and noisy setting where he spends half of his day, it was such a waste that he didn fully have access to the speech from his key worker. 
I have to say I do believe that it is a really good tool for your son to have access to. The mini mic isn't as great in those environments as the radio aid, radio aids are just designed better for those environment, but I think it would be worth a shot. I understand the worry, I totally do, but if you make sure you put across how important that bit of kit is, and it's not cheap, I am sure they will take good care of it. As your son hasn't started nursery yet you don't have a rapport with the staff. So why don't you give it a few weeks and decide whether you trust them enough with it? I am sure you will find that you do. 

I just think the benefits your son will get are worth it. However you could apply for a early years inclusion fund through the nursery and maybe that could go towards a radio aid. And maybe together for children could help out, or advise on a way of getting one. 

my sons ToD asked her boss to fund one for my son and she is amazing, they all are, and said 'yes'. so now he has one and will take it with him to school. 

i Hope this helps :)

apologies for any spelling mistake, on phone and it's not easy 😄

Posted by jj23
30/03/21 12:37 PM

My daughter is 4 yrs old and bilaterally implanted...she has been at her nursery for 2 yrs now and not once have we ever used the mini mic in there ...our reason was being that it's very play based so majority of the time the children are allowed to play any activity they wish so they bounce from one area to another...if there was a planned activity they just made sure the group of children was small like just 4 kids with the staff who were very good at making sure F looked at their faces and checked she understood what was going on. She will be leaving nursery this summer to go to's only now that my daughter says she doesn't understand some group activities because they are becoming more structured to prepare for school so for the last term she is getting a radio aid as the mini mic is limited in range whereas the radio aid has a longer and wider range 

Posted by f
26/05/21 09:39 PM


Thanks for both your replies. Sorry its taken me so long to reply.

So he started nursery just over a month ago. We have not introduced the mini mic yet as per our ToD because she wants the nursery to be happy with the CI's first. 

We did use the mini mic when we went to the farm over the weekend but its difficult to know how he found it - I feel he was repsonding to us exatly the same as he usually does with or without it! 

He does spend a lot of time in the garden at nursery so I think his ToD is keen to introduce the mini Mic at some point. 

Am not sure he would get a radio aid so young..his ToD says its mainly for school age kids! 

It's so hard to know what to argue for and agree on ..I think we will see how it goes and perhaps trial it and go from there! 

Posted by happyc
02/06/21 10:27 PM

My TOD also aid wait til they get used to the aids, and then othr excuses. But bottom line... nothing compares to the roger. It's an absolute life saver espeically because nursery is unlike school and so busy. The key worker should be wearing it or it can just lay flat for group play such as in the homecorner. I reccomement you borrow from the load scheme in ndcs and with proof of before and after (and the teachers will also notice and help you push for it) hopefully the Tod will provide it. If not you can apply for one through birkdale trust. Turns out I have one form the council and one my own. My own is great for when we go out, I connect all 6 hearing aids and the 3 H.I children end up hearing better than my hearing one!