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Initial diagnostic tests - 9 yr old MRI

Posted by rosesbloom
27/02/21 07:33 PM

Hello all,

New to all of this as my daughter's mild hearing loss has only been discovered in the last 6 months after I took her for a private hearing test because she shouts a lot. Appointments have been delayed obviously due to Covid. We finally got to see the consultant and they said that the loss is permanent and that she needs an MRI and an ultrasound on her kidneys. The hearing loss is borderline on one side but more reduced on the other. Does anyone know what they are looking for in these tests please? It is definitely not glue ear or related to the ear drum as her ear canal was clear on examination and she passed the pressure test. I was told she faces 'lots of tests' and not quite sure what is ahead. She has her kidney scan this week and her MRI in two weeks' time.

Any advice/info appreciated, I don't even understand any of the terminology!

Thank you!

Posted by seon
03/03/21 12:33 PM

My daughter was diagnosed about the same age- in her case it was issues with her spelling.   They do a whole range of tests as a matter of routine  to try to understand what has caused the hearing loss. Sometimes there is no explanation.  I know it's really hard to do but try not to worry until you get results back,  and try to make the trip for the MRI an adventure as none of the tests hurt.

I hope it all goes well!

Posted by rosesbloom
03/03/21 10:09 PM

Thank you so much, her kidney scan was all clear, so hopefully a sign that it's just one of those things.