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Posted by apachenikki
24/06/20 03:50 PM

Hi everyone, has anyone else's child excelled with school in lockdown? My son loves it. He gets sent work and he gets his head down and cracks.on with it. He did have a drama task where he struggled to hear what was being said. He emailed his teacher and she was fantastic. He has had nothing but praise. Thanks everyone, have a great day in the sunshine. X

Posted by shoregirl
08/07/20 08:40 AM

I have to say that with my daughter the motivation dwindled the further through lockdown we went. She did get all her work down, and in time too but the thing that has really dropped off is her motivation to exercise.
Normally a very fit and sporty girl, it's now a nightmare trying to get her out the house.
I'm hoping that we can use the next few weeks to get her back on track before our schools go back in August.

Posted by solero
29/07/20 12:10 PM

The exercise thing is tough. There's still no sign of our local leisure centres and pools reopening and it leaves such a shortage of options. Our teenage daughter can't bear the YouTube workouts but is fortunately happy to go out for jogs and we have taken to booking a weekly tennis court at the park. It's a really hard time for kids missing their regular activities with their mates. They all badly deserve some epic fun asap.