Our vision, mission, values and strategy

Our vision is a world without barriers for every deaf child.

Our mission

Together we overcome the social and educational barriers that hold deaf children back.


Our values


We help families give the best possible support to their deaf child every step of the way.


Deaf children and young people are at the heart of our work. We make sure their needs come first, and we help others do the same.


We give expert unbiased support to help deaf children and their parents make informed choices about their lives.


We work together with others to positively challenge unfairness.


Our beliefs

  • Deaf children can do anything other children can do, given the right support from the start.
  • Effective language and communication skills lie at the heart of deaf children and young people’s social, emotional and intellectual development.
  • Families are the most important influence on deaf children and young people, and need clear, balanced information to make informed choices.
  • Deaf children should be involved in decisions which affect them as early as possible.
  • Deaf children should be valued by society and have the same opportunities as any other child.


Overcoming barriers: National Deaf Children's Society Strategy 2017 - 2022

To decide our approach for our new strategy we asked deaf young people, their families and professionals about the challenges and how we can help. Your experiences shaped the strategy and are at the heart of everything we do. Our new strategy provides a much clearer focus on three key areas:

  • Overcoming barriers in local and national services
  • Overcoming barriers in language and communication 
  • Overcoming barriers to independence.

In the strategy we promise to:

  • continue to give life-changing support to deaf children of all ages and never stop improving our services
  • work closely with deaf children and their families and reach out to families who may otherwise miss out on support
  • build our reputation as a global expert on childhood deafness
  • continue to value our amazing members and supporters by fundraising in line with our ethical policy and making sure that every penny we raise is spent wisely.  


National Deaf Children's Society Constitution

The National Deaf Children's Society is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. Like all registered charities, we have a written constitution which comprises of a Memorandum and Articles.  The Memorandum and Articles sets out the purpose of the charity and how it is to run itself.

The logo to be used by all local groups affiliated to the National Deaf Children's Society (credit: NDCS)

Our Constitution comprises the charity's Memorandum, Articles and Rules.

These are available to download: