Hearing Aids: Information for families

Download our free resource for detailed information about behind-the-ear, in-the-ear and bone conduction hearing aids. This resource might be helpful if you are a parent and your child is getting hearing aids.

brothers with hearing aids playing with water in the garden

Download: Hearing Aids: Information for families.

This resource gives information about:

  • Types and levels of deafness
  • Does my child have to wear hearing aids?
  • Hearing aids, features and how they work
  • Checking and looking after hearing aids
  • Earmoulds, batteries, tubing and feedback
  • Keeping behind-the-ear hearing aids in place and aid clips
  • Encouraging your child to wear their aids and tips from parents
  • Customising hearing aids
  • Using radio aids and using the phone
  • Good listening environments
  • What to do if hearing aids are lost or damaged
  • Other types of hearing aid
  • Buying hearing aids

“This is a factual, colourful and user-friendly booklet, which explains simply and clearly about hearing aids. I found the information was given in small, relevant chunks, and the illustrations support the information and helped me to understand better about each topic. I really enjoyed reading this booklet and learned a lot. I will keep it to refer back to and to share with other parents.” 
Parent of a deaf child                                    

Your child will receive their hearing aids through their local audiology clinic. For information on going to the clinic, appointments, audiology professionals, earmoulds, batteries and technology, transferring to adult audiology and giving feedback on the service your child is receiving, visit Your audiology service.