NDCS: The National Deaf Children's Society
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Childhood deafness

Find information on all aspects of childhood deafness.

In this section

Understanding childhood deafness

Find out about the different types and levels of deafness, the ear and how it works and experience what a hearing loss sounds like. 

Causes of deafness

Here we explain some of the types and causes of deafness, and identify genetic conditions related to deafness.

What does a hearing loss sound like?

Find out what a hearing loss sounds like, including what a classroom environment is like for a deaf child. 

Deaf children and balance

Find out about balance and balance disorders and their association with hearing loss.

Glue ear

Information on one of the most common childhood conditions. Find out about the causes of glue ear, treatments, how glue ear affects children and much more.

Hearing aids

Information on the different types of hearing aids available and how to encourage your child to use them.

Hearing tests

Find out about the different tests that can be used to find out how much hearing your child has.

Implantable hearing devices

Find out about the different types of implants available, and whether they’re suitable for your child, including cochlear implants (CIs) and bone conduction hearing implants (BCHIs) including bone-anchored hearing aids (BAHAs).

Later identification of deafness

Information for you whether your child has just been identified as deaf or if their hearing loss is acquired, progressive or late onset.

Mild and moderate hearing loss

Signs to looks out for, what to do if you’re concerned about your child’s hearing and what to do next, as well as common myths about children with a mild or moderate hearing loss.

Parents' FAQs

Answers to the most common questions parents have when their child is identified as deaf.

Preparing your child for surgery

Deaf children may require surgery for lots of reasons – our information can help you and your child prepare.

Resources for deaf children and young people

Comic books for deaf children and our website for young people – the Buzz.

Vision care for your deaf child

Information on monitoring your child’s eyesight, tests and what you need to be thinking about.

Your audiology service

Information to support you and your child when using your local audiology service, including your rights as a user of NHS audiology services.