NDCS: The National Deaf Children's Society
Boy signing


Deaf children can communicate as effectively as other children with the right support. In this section you can find out how. 

In this section

family with deaf child

Communicating with your deaf child

Find out about the communication approaches or methods available to deaf children and their families. 

Sign language

Find out whether sign language is right for your child and how to go about learning it.

Deaf awareness

Resources aimed at helping hearing people communicate with deaf children at home, in school, in after-school activities and at the doctor’s surgery.

Speech and language therapy

Speech and language therapy is one way of helping deaf children to develop their language and communication skills.

Communicating with deaf children who have additional needs

Alternative methods of communication that may be appropriate for deaf children who have additional needs.

Family stories

A selection of stories about families with a deaf child that focus on communication.

Pragmatics: Everyday communication

Pragmatics is the skill of using language socially and being able to adapt it to different situations. Deaf children can find it more difficult than their hearing peers to develop pragmatics.