Family Sign Language

Learning sign language can seem like a daunting task so we've created lots of videos and tips to introduce you to British Sign Language (BSL) and practical and fun examples of how you and your family can use it.

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The different sections are full of information and fun activities to help you use sign language with your child and the whole family.

Using sign language in family life

Watch videos of three real-life families using sign language in everyday situations and follow our helpful tips to learn how to do it.

Doing things together

Discover a host of activities designed to help you include your child in all aspects of everyday life and learn sign language at the same time. Watch videos where real-life families make activities deaf-friendly and get tips on how you can try them yourself.


Find lots of creative tips to help you tell exciting stories using sign language. Learn fun stories directly from the videos and try them with your family.

Find a sign

Links to places on the web where you can learn signs to teach your child and the whole family.

Training for professionals

Are you a professional working with families of deaf children aged 0—5 years? Get training to deliver the Family Sign Language curriculum.