Bullying and deaf children

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We know from talking to families that most deaf pupils enjoy their time at school. However, whilst any child can be a victim of bullying, there is evidence to suggest that deaf children can be more vulnerable to bullying than others.

If you are concerned about your deaf child and bullying, have a look at our free resources for parents, educational professionals, and young people.

Guide for parents

This booklet provides guidance to parents of deaf children on bullying. It gives tips about:

  • the steps you and your child can take to minimise the likelihood of bullying
  • identifying whether your child is being bullied (or is bullying another child) at school or in the wider community
  • ideas to help your child develop the skills and knowledge to be able to react and get help if they are being bullied
  • what action to take if you suspect that bullying is already taking place.

View: Bullying: advice for parents of deaf children


Guide for professionals

This booklet is for mainstream teachers, special educational needs coordinators, Teachers of the Deaf, teaching assistants, communication support workers or any other education professional working to support deaf pupils in primary and secondary schools. It gives tips about:

  • preventing bullying by creating a safer school environment and developing the social skills, confidence and resilience of pupils
  • spotting the signs of bullying
  • what to do if bullying occurs.

View: Bullying and Deaf Children: a guide for primary and secondary schools


Guide for young people

The See it! Stop it! resource is for young people and tells them what they need to know about bullying. It gives tips about:

  • what bullying is
  • what to do if you're being bullied
  • what to do if you think you've bullied someone
  • where to get help.

View: Bullying resource for young people


Postcards for young people

A set of six colourful postcards for young people to support the See it! Stop it! bullying resource. Each double-sided postcard has a pull-out card for your wallet with top tips and key messages to remember about bullying, such as ‘Be proud to be you’ and ‘Stop cyberbullying following you around.

Order the postcards from our Freephone Helpline


Watch Ammaar share his top tips

16 year old Ammaar gives other deaf children tips on how to stop bullying happening to them.

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