NDCS: The National Deaf Children's Society
secondary school

Education during school years

Information for parents of deaf children in primary or secondary school about supporting learning, special educational needs, exams, making a complaint, bullying and more.

In this section

The Equality Act and your child's education

Knowing what your legal rights are can help make sure that your child gets the support they need in their education.

Deaf children with special educational needs

Information about additional support and services that are available at school to children with special educational needs.

Back to school

We know the back to school preparations can get hectic – here are some tips to make sure your deaf child has the best possible start to the new school year.

Developing deaf children's reading and writing skills in primary school

Simple things you can do to develop language and literacy (reading and writing) skills in children with a hearing loss or glue ear during primary school.

Teaching phonics to deaf children

Guidance for parents and teachers about teaching phonics to deaf children.

Developing deaf children's maths skills in primary school

Simple things you can do to develop maths skills in children with a hearing loss during their primary school years.

How school staff can help your child achieve their potential

Help for teachers and other staff in supporting your deaf child to achieve their potential.

Starting secondary school

Information about choosing a secondary school, preparing for the move to secondary school, and getting the most out of school.

Personal passports

A personal passport is a document that brings together all the most important information about your son or daughter so that any adult caring for them or working with them can support your child in the best way possible.

Exams and assessments

Information about the different exams and assessments your child will have, access arrangements, and revision tips.

Bullying and deaf children

Information for parents and teachers about deaf children and bullying.

Preparing for school trips

Tips about how to prepare your deaf child for school trips.

Preparing your child for work experience

Information for parents of deaf young people about preparing for work experience.

Tiredness in deaf children

You might have noticed that your deaf child gets more tired than hearing children. Here we explain why this is and how you can help your child. 

Missing school for medical appointments

Find out how these absences should be recorded and how schools should make reasonable adjustments so your child isn’t disadvantaged in attendance award schemes. 

School exclusions

Find out what to if your child has been excluded, especially if you think the exclusion amounts to disability discrimination.

Making a complaint about your child's school (England)

Find out how to make a complaint to your child's school, and how to take a complaint further if you're not happy with the school's response.