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How the National Deaf Children's Society can help

Find out about all the ways we can help you and your family.

NDCS Helpline team


There are three ways to contact the Helpline team - Email, call or Live Chat.

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Our publications

Our publications are for young deaf people, families of deaf children and those who work with them.

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New and updated resources

View a list of our new and updated publications, DVDs and technology products. Bookmark this page so you keep up to date with our latest and updated resources.

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Understanding deafness

Find information on all aspects of childhood deafness.

A boy gets his ears checked at the audiology clinic.

Auditory Processing Disorder

Information about Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) and sources of further support and information.

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My baby has a hearing loss

Find out what support and guidance to expect in the early stages of diagnosis.

A brother and sister play chess together


There are a variety of benefits available for a family with a deaf child, or for young deaf people. Find out more in this section.

Harry who has a cochlear implant plays at home with Mum and Dad.


Developing good communication is vital. Learn about the different communication methods you might use with your child.

An interpreter signs to a student.


Information on a range of education issues. including choosing a school, special educational needs and school transport.

A deaf toddler and her mother play with stacking bricks.

Glue ear

Glue ear is one of the most common childhood illnesses, and can cause temporary hearing loss.

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Information for young deaf people

Information about health, education and careers for young deaf people.

Newborn hearing screening programme

Newborn Hearing Screening

All newborn babies in England are now screened for hearing loss within a few days of birth. 

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Sleeping problems

Information about sleeping problems in deaf children, as well as tips on how to help, and where to get more information.

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Support in your area

Details of support in your area, including local groups, NDCS family and regional support officers and events close to you.

Technology for your deaf child

Technology and products for your child

An introduction to the wide range of products and equipment that might be helpful to your deaf child at home, at school or when socialising with friends.


Useful links and organisations

A directory of links to organisations who can provide further support and information to families and deaf children.