Breaking down barriers to employment

Our project with the Department for Education set out to identify and help break down barriers to employment for deaf young people.

To achieve this we have created a collection of resources for deaf young people, their parents and employers.

All these resources are also available on the Buzz, our website for deaf young people.

Personal profile

Image of personal profile template (credit: NDCS)

A template personal profile that deaf people can download and complete to give employers information about reasonable adjustments they might need in the workplace or for work experience.

The template includes the following sections, but can be personalised to suit each individual’s needs.

  • About my deafness
  • Communication tips
  • My technology
  • My communication support needs
  • Other adjustments that would help me
  • Health and safety
  • Situations I find challenging at work
  • Additional information
  • Useful resources.

The idea is for your child to read the explanatory notes in the template, and then delete them and fill it in with their own details.

We have also created an example of a completed personal profile to give you an idea of your child might want to say in theirs.


Short videos on deaf young people and employment

All our videos are fully accessible and have subtitles, in vision BSL translation and a voiceover.

Alex talks about his experiences as a deaf person in the hearing world of work


Max talks about being deaf in the world of work


Jack talks about how he's helped colleagues become deaf aware


Emily talks about how 'reasonable adjustments' can help at work


Alex talks about getting the right communication support at work

Max talking about saying he's deaf on job application forms


Parents talk about supporting their deaf child to get a job


Guide for employers with deaf job candidates


Watch the complete playlist (in full screen) of all the Breaking down barriers to employment videos.


Breaking the sound barrier: A guide to recruiting and supporting deaf colleagues

Front cover of breaking the sound barrier (credit: NDCS)

Breaking the Sound Barrier is a handbook to help employers make sure their recruitment process and workplace are as fair and accessible to deaf people as possible.

The handbook includes information on:

  • Deafness
  • Communication tips
  • Reasonable adjustments
  • Communication support
  • Recruitment
  • Access to Work
  • Health and safety.

Order a hard copy of the handbook.