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Technology and products

The information in this section will give you an introduction to the wide range of products and equipment that might be helpful to your deaf child at home, at school or when socialising with friends.

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Borrow to buy

We have partnered with Phonak to launch our new Borrow to Buy pilot scheme. This scheme offers deaf children, their families and the professionals working with them immediate access to Phonak products.

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Technology at home and out and about

A guide to how technology and equipment can help deaf children and young people at home and when they're out and about.

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Technology at school

A guide to how radio aids and soundfield systems can help deaf children and young people at school.

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Technology helped my child's hearing loss

With 12-year-old Alex’s teenage years approaching, mum Lynn’s discovered technology that’s helping him become more independent.

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Technology Test Drive - product loan service

The NDCS Technology Test Drive service offers deaf children, their families and the professionals working with them the opportunity to borrow a wide range of products and try them out in their own home or at school.

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Help your child stay safe and smart online

Tips on what you can do to protect your child, and encourage them to make smart choices in their online life. 

Other online safety resources available include a flyer for secondary school age children, and lesson plans for secondary school teachers.


Apps for deaf young people

NDCS has created an online resource which explains what apps are and how they could be beneficial for deaf children and young people, including many examples.

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Free equipment for deaf children

Find out about the equipment and products your child is entitled to and who to contact to get it.