Stolen Futures

Stolen Futures is our campaign to challenge local council cuts to services for deaf children.

In 2011 an NDCS investigation revealed that a significant number of councils were planning to cut services for deaf children. Further investigations showed that a third of local authorities in England had cut services. These and any future cuts could have disastrous consequences for thousands of deaf children.

Cuts are still happening to services across the UK so it's vital that we continue to monitor council budgets and staffing levels. We will call on our local campaigners to take action to challenge these cuts as soon as we hear about them.

If you hear about cuts to staff in any of the services you use please email us and let us know.

What have we done so far?

The fight to stop cuts to deaf children's services continues but we have had some big successes to date.

  • After being contacted by 2,500 of our campaigners, MPs decided to debate deaf children's services - see who attended and what was said.
  • We use Freedom of Information requests to find out how much local authorities spend on deaf children's services. We compare the results each year so we know where to focus our campaigning - visit our cuts map for information about your area.
  • The only pre-school in Tower Hamlets for deaf children was saved after the local NDCS group campaigned against the closure.
  • Stoke-on-Trent city council planned to cut a Teacher of the Deaf post and reduce the level of support for over 200 deaf children.

What can you do?

Our campaigns rely on support from local parents and campaigners - our campaigns just wouldn't succeed without you!

Find out more about our campaigns and how you can support deaf children's services: