Family support resources

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Access to British Sign Language Learning for Families with Deaf Children (2014)

This report is for Directors of Children’s Services, Heads of Sensory Support Services, and Teachers of the Deaf. It has been designed to help local authorities in England understand the issues that deaf children and their families can face in learning sign language and what can be done to support them.

Access to BSL learning for families with deaf children in England 917kb

A report for local authorities in England on supporting families seeking access to British Sign Language learning.


Early Support: Information about deafness and hearing loss (2013)

This resource, written by NDCS for Early Support is for parents of deaf children and young people up to the age of 25 who have recently been identified as being deaf.

This resource contains chapters on what happens in the beginning, when your child is identified as being deaf, and then explains what deafness means. The resource goes on to outline things to think about as your child moves from the early years to school years and into adulthood. The resource finishes with chapters on who can help, resources, and useful organisations and websites.

Parent carers of deaf children can dip into the chapter most relevant to them or read the whole resource cover to cover.


How you can make your resources accessible to deaf children and young people (2013)

This resource provides information on how you can make your resources accessible to deaf children and young people.