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Play our lottery

Photo: Play our lottery to support us

Win up to £25,000 

Play our lottery and you could win £25,000, as you help to give deaf children the same opportunities as everyone else.

How does it work?

You will be allocated your own six-digit lottery number or numbers which will be sent to you in the post. A random winning number is drawn every Saturday.

If you match...

  • All six digits: you’ll win £25,000 plus we will receive a £2,500 donation.
  • Any five digits, in order: you’ll win £1,000.
  • Any four digits, in order: you'll win £25.
  • Any three digits, in order: you'll win five prize entries into the next draw.

If you win, we will send a letter and your cheque by post.

There is no need to claim, but you can check the weekly numbers here.

Your support could help fund a weekend for parents coming to terms with their baby’s deafness, like the one mum Eda attended. 

When her son Joshua was diagnosed as profoundly deaf, Eda told us: "I felt a deep sense of loss, sadness and fear. I didn’t know anyone who was deaf. How would Joshua cope in life? Just how would we communicate with him? He’d feel so alone in his world.”

But our weekend away proved a life changer: “For the first time I felt hope for Joshua. There were deaf adults talking to us parents – they were leading ordinary lives, having careers. And deaf musicians. I was amazed – deaf people playing music! I realised my Joshua could achieve too. There was a place for him in this world.”