Deaf awareness information and resources

We have free booklets, DVDs and posters with deaf awareness tips to help hearing people communicate with deaf children: 

  • at home
  • in school
  • in after-school clubs, activities and other social settings
  • at the doctor’s surgery.

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Watch our videos on deaf awareness

Deaf awareness tips

Talking to your deaf friends poster image (credit: NDCS)

Are you looking for some simple deaf awareness tips? We have:

These resources could be useful in the home, at school or at a club or activity where hearing and deaf people mix.  

Deaf awareness in the home

Deaf awareness at school

Front cover of the 2015 edition of Supporting achievement Primary. (credit: NDCS)

  • Here to Learn DVD shows how teachers and schools can adapt their classroom and lessons to create the best possible learning environment for deaf children.
  • Supporting Achievement booklet series aims to help teachers understand a deaf child’s needs at every stage of their education.

Deaf awareness in social settings

Screen grab of booklet front cover (credit: NDCS)

Deaf awareness at the doctor