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Summertime activities

Published Date: 25 Aug 2022

I love it when the school holidays arrive as it means Kenzie and I get to spend lots of quality time together and fill our days with our mummy and Kenzie adventures.

We are really lucky where we live as we have so many activities and locations to choose from; we live on the coast with multiple beaches right on our doorstep. Kenzie loves the beach and taking his toy cars and diggers to do some building in the sand. He also enjoys dipping his feet in the sea and gathering water for his bucket.

Being a typical four-year-old boy, Kenzie enjoys digging holes and burying himself in sand, rolling down the sand dunes and getting completely covered in sand head to toe! After a day at the beach, I have to do some maintenance on his ‘ears’. This involves taking off the top casing and clearing them all out, cleaning the microphone and popping them in the dry box overnight.

We also have lots of zoos and adventure parks around us that we get to visit all the time. I buy us annual passes to them all so we can visit as much as we like. Kenzie is obsessed with animals, so he loves spending his time around them all day.

Kenzie has no fear: he loves fair rides and theme parks and would go on the biggest and fastest roller coaster if he was big enough. His favourite ride is the ghost trains, and he laughs the whole way around making sure he is "keeping mummy safe from the monsters".

He is very independent and loves getting his little backpack ready for our days out. He picks his own snacks from his snack drawer and picks a few toys to take with him (always cars or animals).

I absolutely love my little adventures with my gorgeous boy, and everything I do is for him to make sure every day is a fun-filled adventure.


Becky is mum to Mackenzie (5), who is profoundly deaf. Mackenzie was fitted with cochlear implants in January 2020. Becky also blogs about family life, you can find her at @youdontneedtohear on Facebook.