How early years staff can help your child achieve their potential

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Children with a hearing loss have particular needs that are different from hearing children. Nursery teachers and other staff working in early years settings might need help supporting your deaf child to achieve their potential.

You can help by passing on our guide 'Supporting the achievement of hearing impaired children in early years settings' to your child’s nursery teacher or other early years staff.

The guide gives tips about:

  • How to ensure a successful start for deaf children.
  • The implications of deafness on learning.
  • The different types of hearing technology and how to ensure they’re working properly.
  • How to create an environment where deaf children can hear better.
  • Communicating with deaf children, and helping them communicate with others.
  • Supporting deaf children’s language development, listening, attention and concentration skills.
  • Helping deaf children’s social and emotional development through social integration, promoting a positive self image, independence and self advocacy.
  • Assessing and monitoring a child’s progress.
  • Ensuring the move to primary school is well planned for.

To read the full guide, follow the link below. If you’re not already an NDCS member, you’ll need to sign up for free to access it. NDCS members also have free access to a range of information resources, support services, and events.

Download: Supporting the achievement of hearing impaired children in early years settings

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