Family support in Scotland

Regional support in Scotland is provided by family officers, family supporters and local groups. Read on to find out more about the roles of each.

Children and Families Support Officers

Having staff based around the UK means that there are people available more locally who provide somewhere to turn to for positive support and information on a wide range of issues/things which families with deaf children will need to know more about – education, benefits, technology and health.

When parents/carers or young deaf people want to push for their rights in claiming benefits, or in gaining the kind of education which meets their needs then regional staff are there to help. They will work with them in explaining their legal rights, negotiating on their behalf and if necessary by representing them at tribunals.

We also want to see an improvement in services for families and regional staff are involved in campaigning work too.


Local societies

NDCS works with a network of approximately 115 local deaf children’s societies all over the UK, which exist for the express purpose of giving support to families of deaf children.

These groups differ widely in terms of size and their activities, but all fulfil the role of giving the opportunity for deaf children, their parents and other family members to meet and exchange ideas, experiences and challenges. The majority of Groups are run by parents of deaf children, who have identified the need to provide this sort of setting for other parents to meet in.

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