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 Is your local audiology service in the race?

We are calling for all children’s audiology services in England to prove their quality. They can do this by completing a government approved scheme to become 'accredited'. The race is on to accreditation, but so far only 15% have achieved it. This means that 85% cannot guarantee that their service is good quality. Some have stepped up to the starting blocks by signing up to the scheme, and a few are nearing the finish line and accreditation, but too many are not taking part at all. Find out how your local service is doing below, and tell your local health commissioners why good quality children's hearing services matter to you.

Find your local service...

Find out where your local audiology service is in the race to accreditation. Is your service red, amber or green?

Please also email your local health commissioner to tell them that good quality audiology services are vital for deaf children.


How to use the map

You should be able to find your local service by zooming in and selecting the pin in your area. But if your service doesn't appear on the map, please let us know at . The Government does not collect this information centrally, so it has been hard to find and you can help us to improve it.  

If you can't see the coloured pins, click on the box in the top right hand corner of the map to enlarge it, and they should appear.


What's the problem?

High quality hearing services are vital for deaf children and young people. But, in 2012, NHS reports showed that one third of audiology services were failing to meet basic standards in audiology. We think this is unacceptable. 

We have no reason to think things have improved since 2012 – especially as inspections of children’s hearing services have been scrapped. This is leaving too many families in the dark about the quality of their child’s audiology service. 

Services can choose to join a scheme to become accredited and prove that they offer a good service, but they don’t have to. Only information about those who are accredited is made public – we know nothing about services that fail to gain accreditation after an inspection, or those who don’t take part in the scheme at all.

The Government have refused to make sure all services are independently inspected. So, we decided to survey children’s audiology services ourselves to find out more. 

The health of children's hearing services briefing - Feb 2017 42kb

The health of children's hearing services briefing - Feb 2017


Read the report...

We surveyed children's audiology services in England to find out more about what they are providing for deaf children. You can read the results of the survey in the report below or the briefing above. 

The health of children's hearing services in England Feb 2017 698kb

The health of children's hearing services in England Feb 2017


Other evidence

In 2014 we gathered evidence from parents of deaf children about the quality of audiology services. 

Listen Up! 2014 3737kb

A report campaigning for higher quality audiology services for deaf children.