NDCS: The National Deaf Children's Society
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Campaigning in Wales for deaf children

In Wales we're raising issues affecting deaf children and their families with key decision makers and we need your help.

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Right to Sign

Young people tell us they want to learn British Sign Language (BSL), but opportunity to do so is limited.

Classroom learning

Review of Additional Learning Needs

The Welsh Government is reviewing the way in which children and young people's learning support needs are assessed and planned for. We want to make sure that any changes work for deaf children and young people, but have concerns about some of the proposed changes.

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Emotional Health and Well-being

Evidence suggests that deaf children are more likely to experience emotional health problems. With the appropriate support, deaf children can grow up to be confident and resilient individuals. However, growing up deaf in a hearing world can pose challenges to the emotional well-being of many deaf children.


Wales Close the Gap 2013 for use in Wales related items only.

Close the Gap

Find out why we presented a petition to the National Assembly calling on the Welsh Government to develop a national strategy to Close the Gap! in educational attainment for deaf pupils.