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Do you know how good your local audiology service is?

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We are calling for all children’s audiology services in England to prove their quality. They can do this by completing a government approved scheme to become 'accredited', but so far only 15% have achieved it. This means that 85% cannot guarantee that their service is good quality.

Check our map for information about your local service

Is there a local campaign near you?

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We monitor and challenge local authority cuts to deaf children's services across the UK. But, we rely on the support of our local campaigners to stop cuts in their area.

We're asking campaigners to:

These actions are for campaigners in Milton Keynes and Bury only.

Is there an Ofsted inspection near you, right now?

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Following our Inspect the Uninspected campaign, Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission will be investigating special educational needs and disabilities services across the country. 

Tell us about an inspection in your area now

Why don't deaf families have access to free sign language courses?

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We think they should, which is why if you're in Northern Ireland, we're asking you to contact the Health Minister, Simon Hamilton MLA, about Family Sign Language funding. 

NDCS offers some free sign language courses but we think the funding should be permanent and sign language offered to all families with deaf children.

This action is for Northern Ireland only.