Charity of the Year or Term

A great way to help us is to adopt us as your school’s Charity of the Year or Charity of the Term, raising funds and awareness of the NDCS over the whole period. With a longer term commitment, children are more likely to gain an understanding of the important reasoning behind raising money for the NDCS.

What does choosing the National Deaf Children's Society as Charity of the Year or Term involve?

Choosing a Charity of the Year or Term helps to focus the fundraising efforts of a school, as schools tend to fundraise only for that one charity throughout the year or term. Pupils generally come to understand more about the chosen charity’s goals, work and how their fundraising efforts can make a difference to the community they are supporting.

Some schools, however, may choose more than one Charity of the Year in a given year, perhaps supporting an international, a national and a local charity.  

How would your school fundraise for us as your Charity of the Year?

Many schools will concentrate their main fundraising push into one week, putting on a large number of different events. For example, if you were to choose us as your Charity of the Year or Term, a great week to concentrate fundraising would be during Deaf Awareness Week, the first week of May.

Alternatively, you could spread your fundraising events over the whole year. This gives you time to plan ahead and work around your school timetable and holidays. For example, you could hold a Harvest Festival and Christmas Collection in the autumn term followed by a Deaf Awareness Fundraising Week in May and then an End of Year fundraising event in the summer.

If you would like to make the us your Charity of the Year or Term, please contact Louisa Moorhouse or calling 020 7014 1142.
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