NDCS: The National Deaf Children's Society
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We are challenging schools across the country to get spelling and get sponsored!

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Get involved!

Find out how to get your school or youth group involved in fundraising that makes a real difference to deaf children.  

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Fundraising ideas

Fundraising for a charity can help children to develop a number of skills like numeracy and improved communication. These suggested events will also make it lots of fun! 


Charity of the Year/Term

One way of helping NDCS is to adopt us as your school’s Charity of the Year or Term, helping to raise funds and heighten awareness for NDCS over the whole period.

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Publicising your event

An article in your local paper will help raise awareness of childhood deafness as well as the work carried out by NDCS and will give your school public recognition for your efforts.

Cambridge Theatre Summer School

Star Schools

Fundraising for NDCS makes a real difference to deaf children and their families. To say thanks, schools who make an outstanding effort or contribution are featured here.