Bespoke workshops for professionals

Our in-house, bespoke training builds knowledge and practice to help your teams work with deaf children. Our expert facilitators can come to you to deliver a workshop tailored to your needs. Our interactive workshops help you implement the best practice approaches in our toolkits and education resources that accompany each course.

  Choose from our courses:

  • Assessing the educational progress of deaf children and young people
  • Creating good listening conditions for learning in education
  • Deaf-Friendly Youth Activities
  • Deaf-Friendly Swimming and BSL for Swimming
  • Effective Education, Health and Care plans
  • Family Sign Language trainer programme
  • Healthy Minds
  • Meeting the social care needs of deaf children
  • Quality improvement for specialist education services
  • Raising a deaf child
  • SEN support and the Equality Act - supporting children without an Education, Health and Care plan
  • Supporting achievement – in early year settings, schools or colleges
  • Supporting children with mild hearing loss

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You can also contact us how to find out if there will be training near you or to discuss setting up a training course.

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