Children who use cochlear implants needed for study into hearing environmental sounds

Do you have a child or work with a child who:

  • Is between 7-10 years of age,
  • Uses a cochlear implant (in one or both ears,
  • Was implanted before the age of 3 years, and
  • Understands and uses spoken English?

The Audiology & Deafness Group at The University of Manchester are conducting a research study to look at how children with cochlear implants perceive environmental sounds (such as sounds of nature, city or sounds you hear around the house). There will be only one testing session which would last approximately 1 to 2 hours. The session involvest esting hearing and doing an environmental sound test on a computer. The test would be at the University of Manchester or at your child's school.

For further inforamtion and contact details of the researchers download Manchester Uni Research Study CI & Environmental Sounds (113 kb) [pdf]


Source: Manchester University

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