Children and young people aged 6-16 years with mild to moderate hearing loss needed for research into sound processing and language

Do you have a child, or work with a child who:

  • has a mild-to–moderate hearing loss?
  • speaks English as their first language and is not a fluent speaker of another language?
  • is aged between 6 and 16 years old
  • and lives in London or the South East?

We have known for some time that having a permanent severe or profound hearing impairment in childhood often leads to marked delays in learning to speak and in learning to read. Much less is known about how having a permanent mild or moderate hearing loss (MMHL) in childhood affects language development. Nevertheless, recent research suggests that the language abilities of these children are mixed; whereas many go on to acquire completely normal language abilities, others show substantial difficulties. The aim of this project is to investigate why some children with MMHL experience difficulties with language. One factor that might account for the individual differences of children with MMHL is the way in which they hear sounds (so called ‘sound processing’). In this study we will test this, by measuring the sound processing and language abilities of children with and without mild to moderate hearing loss.

If you’re interesting in finding out more or getting involved download further information here:

UCL MMHL Research - 1. Information sheet for parents (62 kb) [doc]

UCL MMHL Research - 2. Information sheet for children 5-11 years (134 kb) [docx]

UCL MMHL Research - 3. Information sheet for children 11-16 years (49 kb) [docx]

UCL MMHL Research - 4. Parent consent form (54 kb) [docx]

UCL MMHL Research - 5. Parent short questionnaire (47 kb) [docx]