Forums for professionals

Links to on-line discussion forums for professionals working in the field of childhood deafness.

Audiology Resources

A specialist international forum for professionals working in audiology related areas. The objectives of the forum are to facilitate audiology discussions to occur between like-minded professionals across the world.

British Academy of Audiology (BAA)

Discussion forum available to all members of the BAA.

The BAA is the largest organisation for professionals in hearing and balance in the UK. BAA aims to provide leadership, inspiration and guidance, develop and promote excellence in services for patients, is a driving force for improving quality standards, training and education and promotes the profile of audiology as an autonomous profession.

British Tinnitus Association (BTA)

Provides support and advice about tinnitus much of it written by medical professionals or clinical researchers.

The BTA forum includes a closed section for professionals working with people who have tinnitus. 

Hearing and Learning Disabilities (HaLD)

Website and discussion forum of the Special interest Group (SIG) for professionals and carers concerned with people with learning disabilities (PwLD) and hearing problems. For professionals from a variety of backgrounds including, Speech and Language Therapy, Audiology, Hearing Therapy, Audiological Medicine, Community nursing and Social Care. 

This Special Interest Group was formed to enable us to support and learn from each other thereby improving hearing services for PwLD across the NHS.

Ida Institute

An independent, non-profit educational institute in Denmark. The challenge of the Ida Institute is to provide greater insight and a more holistic understanding of the complex journey of hearing loss to better assist hearing care professionals and hearing impaired persons. The Ida institute is committed to generating and imparting innovative, practical and actionable knowledge. It is organized around the concept of collaborative learning that enhances and facilitates exchange among thought, leaders, scholars, practitioners, educators and professional advocacy groups.

Sounding Board

A service run by The Ear Foundation with support from Advanced Bionics. A forum for professionals working to help children and young people with cochlear implants succeed or for anyone else interested. Join Sounding Board to ask questions, access information or resources and exchange ideas with others involved in the education of children with cochlear implants.