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Our children's storybooks

Photo: Buy The Quest for the Cockle Implant now.

Nine-year-old Maya won our book competition last year. With the help of deaf illustrator Lucy, we turned her story into a real-life book!

In The Quest for the Cockle Implant, when deaf mermaid Angel loses one of her cockle implants, she and her sister go on an exciting adventure through the sea to find it. Using sign language to communicate, their adventure brings them face-to-face with a monstrous Merkitty. Will they get past the squid, sharks and strangling seaweed? Will they get Angel’s cockle implant back? And will they get home in time for tea?

Find out more and buy the book through our online bookshop.

All money raised from sales will help us to create a world without barriers for deaf children.

You can also download the signed version from the ITV Signed Stories app for free.

Book front cover

We think characters in stories should be as diverse as the people who read them, but only a handful of children’s books feature a deaf character. We’re working to change that by publishing our four children’s storybooks. 

All four are available to buy from our online shop.

All money raised through book sales helps us to support deaf children and their families.

Elephant and the Lost Blanket

Elephant book cover

In our book for 0–5-year-olds, Elephant and the Lost Blanket, Elephant takes her special blue blanket with her everywhere. It’s her favourite thing in the whole world. So when it goes missing in the park one day, Elephant is desperate to find it. Her friends come to the rescue and help her search, but all is not as it seems...

We think it's important for deaf children to see themselves reflected in the books they read and to know they can do anything their hearing friends can do. So we've created the perfect book for young children with deaf characters they can identify with and that hearing children can learn about.

Find out more and buy the book from our shop.

Jake and Jasmine to the Rescue

Book cover

When Jake, who is deaf and has a cochlear implant, returns to his superhero school after the summer he finds out that Tilly, the school’s tortoise, has gone missing.

Jake teams up with Jasmine, a new girl in his class, and together they go on a quest to find the school’s much loved pet and show that anyone can be a superhero!

Perfect for children aged 4–7. Find out more and buy the book from our shop. 

"Summer completely related to the characters in the book, especially when Jake was explaining to a new student about how to communicate with him. Without giving too much away, the story is imaginative, fun and adventurous.  Both of the children would recommend it and they wanted to read it again and again. Charlie declared at the end, “I want to be deaf mummy!”"

Rachael is mum to Summer (6), who is deaf, and Charlie (5), who is hearing.

Daisy and Ted's Awesome Adventures

Book cover

Daisy and Ted’s Awesome Adventures is an exciting story aimed at 4–7 year olds that follows Daisy, a girl who is deaf and wears a hearing aid, in fun adventures with new friend Ted.

In this colourful tale where nothing limits the imagination, Daisy and Ted encounter pirates, wizards and princes on their travels through time and space. The story is really brought to life by bright and vibrant illustrations.

Perfect for children aged 4–7. You can find out more and buy the book through our shop. 

Julia Donaldson CBE, author of The Gruffalo, said: 

"It's great to see a fun and entertaining picture book which will help to raise awareness of deafness and inspire self-confidence in deaf children."