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Fundraising FAQs

Photo: Find out about how we fundraise

Find the answers to your questions about our fundraising below. 

To find out where we our fundraising visit our Where Are We Fundraising? page.

Our fundraisers only work in areas where a licence has been granted by the local council which includes both street and door to door fundraising.

The National Deaf Children's Society has Accredited Membership of the Fundraising Regulator who monitor and regulate all fundraising of this type.

Face-to-face fundraising has proved to be one of the most successful methods of fundraising for us as we receive very little funding from the Government and companies.

This type of fundraising is generally well received and generates the majority of our total income.

All our fundraisers adhere to strict guidelines set by ourselves and other bodies such as the Institute of Fundraising.

Our fundraisers only work in areas where a licence has been granted by the local council to fundraise up until 9pm, which includes weekends and bank holidays which we find are our most successful times to visit.

Our fundraisers will often revisit streets and houses where they have had no answer to allow everyone the opportunity to hear about our charity and offer to set up a monthly contribution.

As per our fundraising guidelines, fundraisers can visit a maximum of three times.

If a fundraiser has had an answer to a door to door visit, they will make a note of the house to ensure they do not revisit the address. 

If the fundraiser has not had an answer, they will make a note of how many times they have visited a particular house to ensure they do not visit more than three times.

A fundraiser will check a new supporter's date of birth as it is illegal to ask someone to make a financial commitment if they are under the age of 18.

As a charity we have a minimum age for anyone who would like to sign up to support us with a fundraiser and this varies between campaigns.

We warmly welcome support of all ages and if anyone is unable to complete a sign up with a fundraiser they can support us in other ways.


We ask people for their bank details in order to set up a monthly direct debit contribution to support our work.  

Our fundraisers use a tablet device to complete an electronic direct debit mandate form. The device makes sure people's bank details are kept secure through encryption once an application is completed.

We always notify new supporters in advance via a confirmation letter with details of the Direct Debit Guarantee before the gift is collected.

We do not share any information about our supporters with any third parties.

Following a monthly direct debit sign up with a fundraiser, our call agents will attempt to telephone new supporters.

As well as thanking them for their generosity, these calls are designed to ensure we have the correct information and to get feedback about our fundraisers.

If we are unable to get through, the direct debit will still go ahead, and details of their giving will be outlined in a welcome pack we send out to all new supporters. 

Any individual employed to work on our behalf receives detailed training before they are allowed to start representing us, and teams also undergo regular refresher sessions.

There are specific sections covering fundraising compliance and ethics, which include training on how to recognise cues that suggest potential vulnerability, and how to act in situations where there are any causes for concern.

We also attempt to conduct a welcome call with our new supporters. Our call agents are trained to look out for any signs of vulnerability during these calls and to flag any instances where the interaction raises any concerns.

We believe that this is an important and effective quality assurance activity. 

We work with third party face-to-face fundraising agencies who employ fundraisers to represent us and fundraise on our behalf.

We currently work with Gather Campaigns, SMILE Fundraising, Acwyre and Formunauts One.


If you wish to get in touch with us about our face-to-face fundraising, visit our Contact us about our fundraisers page.

If you have any questions, feedback or concerns about a National Deaf Children's Society fundraiser, please get in touch with us.