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My deafness didn't stop me starring in a TV advert

George (8), who is profoundly deaf, was very excited to be chosen last year to star in supermarket chain Asda’s Christmas advert.

After spotting an advert on Facebook, George’s mum Sarah sent some photos of him to modelling agency Zebedee Management, a new agency set up to support children and adults with disabilities get into acting and modelling. “George has loved modelling for them,” Sarah says. “When he was chosen for the advert he was very excited he’d be on TV.”

In the advert, George, who wears cochlear implants, can be seen judging presents on a panel with other children using big green and red buttons. George has dyspraxia and sensory processing difficulties so found parts of the five-hour filming challenging. “He worked really hard with the other child actors to keep up and process the director’s requests,” Sarah says. “At points, he got his red and green mixed up and found it difficult to keep in time but he did persevere.

"When he was chosen for the advert, he was very excited he’d be on TV."

“Since starring in the advert George has grown in confidence and enjoyed the attention he’s been given by his hearing peers. He had the advert shown at school on the big screen and friends keep  telling him when they’ve seen it on TV or at the cinema. He’s even done a few autographs!”

Now George is applying for other modelling jobs and the family are hoping we might see him on TV again soon. “I just want him to be happy and secure acting or modelling for as long as he wants to,” Sarah says. “I feel the role helps others see that anything can be possible.”