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How to get involved

Photo: Find out how your company can support deaf children

No two companies are the same, so at the National Deaf Children’s Society we’ll make sure we have the right support for you. We'd love to talk to you about some of the ways we might be able to work together.

There are so many opportunities that you and your colleagues can get involved in, from challenges to gifts in kind, from sponsorship to volunteering.

Your chosen charity

Your partnership, your way. Whether you’re planning a year of fundraising or longer-term support, we would love to hear from you.

We would be delighted to discuss opportunities, such as a staff vote, written applications or delivering a presentation to your charity committee.

Please email our team at with details about the application process for your company or phone the team on 020 7014 1199.

Cause-related marketing

Cause-related marketing products can be an incredibly effective way to raise both money and awareness.

We would be happy to discuss opportunities with companies who have relevant products and services that fit within our ethical fundraising policy.

Fundraising in the workplace

There are many fun ways you can fundraise in the workplace. Here are a few of our tried and tested favourites:

Big Cake Bake

Fancy yourself as the next Mary Berry? Why not host your very own Big Cake Bake? If the words Victoria sponge, coffee and walnut and carrot put a smile on your face, then this event is just for you.

Bust out the bowl and get baking, then invite colleagues over for a slice in exchange for a donation.

From coffee mornings to bake offs in the workplace, this tasty treat is one for the whole office to enjoy.

Find out more about the Big Cake Bake.

Dress Down Day

Organise a dress down day where staff members pay to wear casual dress to work.

Friday Breakfast Club

Who doesn’t love bacon Friday? Why not get staff to take it in turn to organise a fundraising breakfast on Fridays and ask people to buy tickets?

Let’s Get Quizzical

Not keen on lycra or breaking a sweat? Scared you cakes could kill but still want to find a way to raise some cold hard cash?

Well, we’ve got the answer! Cash in on the office competitive spirit and host our Let’s Get Quizzical quiz night. It’s so easy to take part. We’ve got you covered with questions galore, instructions and answer sheets – everything you’ll need to get top marks.

Join our team and help us raise vital funds for a world without barriers for all deaf children.

Take on a Challenge

Take on a challenge with your colleagues! There are many options, from a 5K run to a 100 mile bike ride, skydiving and even an overseas trek. A shared challenge and target could provide team building opportunities and a shared goal between staff.

Our challenges team will be there to support you every step of the way

Payroll giving

Payroll giving is a simple, easy way for employees to donate to any UK registered charity of their choice directly from their salary, or occupational pension, before tax.

Making a donation through payroll giving costs less because it's tax free. A monthly gift of £10 could cost as little as £6. While it costs the donor less, we receive your gift with the tax included, courtesy of the tax man.

Contact us to start payroll giving today. 

More ways to make a difference

It’s not all about raising money. We encourage all our partners to engage in our work creating a world without barriers for every deaf child!

Here’s just a few ways you can engage with us:

Deaf awareness training

We can arrange bite-sized lunchtime training to help staff better interact with deaf colleagues. Our Deaf Awareness course includes interactive games and presentations in the morning, based on real life situations that help people to understand deafness and learn how to make simple adaptations so that they communicate in a deaf-friendly way. It’s an important foundation for good communication and including deaf people fully in organisations.


From unwanted jewellery to foreign coins, there are plenty of opportunities to turn your old and unwanted items into cash to help us create a world without barriers for every deaf child. 

Pro bono and volunteering

There are many opportunities for staff to volunteer and donate their time to support us including mentoring, volunteering at events and cheering on our runners from the sidelines in challenges across the UK.

Supporting campaigns

Staff can join our campaigns network and answer the calls to action at a national or local level.

Work experience opportunities

We are always looking for ways to support deaf young people and help them learn more about the options they have when leaving education.

Contact us

If you require any further information or would like to get involved, please contact:
020 7014 1199