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Storytelling using props

Here's a lovely story about Arthur the Bear that uses props and objects. Describing the props can help to teach your child new signs and make learning names for different things memorable and fun.

Storytelling using props

Arthur the Bear

See how our storyteller uses the teddy bear to explain feelings such as hot, cold, tired, and even going to sleep. Some of these things can be done very simply, but they make the story feel real to your child.

Try it yourself

Why not use one of your child's favourite toys and create a story around it? Here's a few other things you could think about doing when you have a go at home:

  • You could also use a toy to explain feelings and emotions.
  • Let your child tell you a story using their own toys.
  • You could get dressed up and act out one of your child's favourite stories.

To help you get started, take a look at Daisy and Ted's Awesome Adventures and Jake and Jasmine to the Rescue.