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Business owner

I run my own business because...

I love the freedom and creativity it gives me. I can focus my energy on what’s important to me and my clients and make the most of my skills. One part of my business involves giving companies digital support and the other is about giving deaf awareness advice via blogs, podcasts, videos and public speaking. I also run workshops to help businesses support deaf employees and customers.

I’m moderately deaf and have always struggled with phone calls at work because of background noise and poor quality equipment. Now I make video calls as it means I can lip-read. I also make sure I wear headphones and sit in a quiet room.

As a result of my work I’ve been accepted to speak at major events about deaf awareness. It’s not something I ever thought I’d do because of lack of confidence and not wanting to talk about the fact that I'm deaf. But being open on my YouTube channel has allowed me to focus my energy into connecting and sharing stories with others.

Ahmed Khalifa