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Community guidelines

Use the community to give and receive support

  • Welcome and encourage new members.
  • Whether you post regularly, occasionally or prefer to watch on, be supportive of other members.
  • Share personal recommendations, but don’t post adverts, promotions or spam.
  • Please don’t post questionnaires, surveys, research or petitions.

Be kind

  • Respect that other members’ views and experiences may differ from yours, and that they have a right to choose what they share and what they keep private.
  • Conversation and respectful debate is encouraged, but never personally attack those who disagree with you.
  • Abuse or discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.

Stay calm

  • Be aware that other members may be going through challenging times and feeling vulnerable or sensitive. Think about how any post could come across, especially if you are feeling stressed or upset yourself.
  • Avoid posting in capital letters – some members can find that ‘shouty’ and upsetting.
  • Do not use offensive language in your posts.
  • If you see a post that is offensive or breaks the online community guidelines please report it to us rather than responding to the post yourself.

Be safe

This forum is all about sharing your experiences but please think about what you are happy to share and what you would like to keep private. Anyone can see what you post, not just other members.

  • Don’t share personal details or contact information.
  • Never ask another community member to share personal details or passwords.
  • Don’t identify others, including other community members, staff or professionals.

If you would like to connect with other members offline, please visit our Facebook groups or contact our Local Groups team.

For information on staying safe online see

Post in English

Don’t post in other languages, we can only moderate in English.

Don't give medical or legal advice

Giving medical or legal advice can have serious consequences, even if you’re trying to help another member. Please suggest they get advice from a professional or contact our Helpline.

Double check information

  • Laws and policies vary across the UK and some information given in the community may be regionally specific.
  • Not all information and advice you find online is accurate and other members’ experiences are their own. Always double check with a professional about how it might apply to you.

Get in touch

Please contact our Helpline if you:

  • are worried another member, child, young person or adult is at risk
  • need information or advice urgently or are looking for direct support.

What happens to posts that break the rules?

Any posts that break our community guidelines will be removed. Members will be notified if their post has been removed and the reason explained.
The moderation team will have the final decision on whether or not to remove a post. This is part of their role in maintaining a safe and supportive environment for our community members.


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