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I’m a dentist because…

I love providing a rewarding service to the public.

I was born profoundly deaf with bilateral hearing loss, and have a cochlear implant. I had planned to study medicine, but after discussions with people in the profession, decided that dentistry might be more appropriate for me.

I owe a lot to my university tutors and the Head of the School of Dentistry. They employed a dedicated notetaker who was also studying dentistry. That meant they understood all the terminology when writing down important information and I could lip-read during lectures. When my studies became more clinical-based, I was designated a nurse/support worker to help with communication issues, but I never needed them. Now, at work, I just allocate the right amount of time to speak to patients, without any extra support.

I’m pretty proud that I recently completed an MSc in Endodontology (root canal treatment). It’s technically challenging, requires fine motor skills, and, most importantly, has taught me critical thinking – a skill I can apply to other aspects of my life.

I believe you should take whatever help you can get and learn how to invest the money you earn!

Andrew Winters