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Listen Up!

Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the publication of data from 2019 has been delayed. We will publish the new data as soon as we can.

We are calling for all children’s audiology services in England to prove their quality.

What's happening in children's audiology services?

In May 2018 we surveyed children's audiology services and found a number of areas that need improvement:

  • more than half of services couldn’t tell us how many deaf children they see – how can they plan their work properly if they’re not recording this?
  • children are waiting too long, with more than half of services missing the government target for hearing aid repairs.
  • where audiology services had lost staff in the last year, more than half of them said they were having problems recruiting staff with the right experience.
  • there are dramatic differences in how much children’s audiology services are paid, we’re not sure that the lowest paid services are being given enough money to properly support children.
  • too many deaf children are missing vital audiology appointments which is having an impact on waiting times.

Read the report...

This year we asked children’s audiology services about lots of different areas of their work and we plan to ask each year so we can track their progress. You can read the full report of this year’s survey below.

Other evidence

In 2014 we gathered evidence from parents of deaf children about the quality of audiology services.

  • Download Listen Up!: A report campaigning for higher quality audiology services for deaf children.