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Parent and Family Network


Similar to local deaf children’s societies, our parent and family network of support groups run independently, however they are much more informal. They are typically made up of a few families who are connected in some way, either via Facebook or WhatsApp or perhaps through occasional meet ups.

As they develop we work closely with groups to support them to grow, and connect with more local families, often through the use of a closed Facebook page or perhaps a face to face or online event. Groups may then decide to affiliate and become a formal local Deaf Children's Society or sign up to our Parent and Family Network, offering the same friendship, support and opportunities to connect, but in a less formally structured way.

You can find a list of groups we are currently supporting, and how to join them, using our online map.

How does the Parent & Family Network work?

Unlike Local Deaf Children’s Societies, Parent & Family Networks are not formally affiliated to (or part of) the National Deaf Children's Society, but are a way for local parents and carers to give and receive mutual support from people nearby. They won’t be running drop-off activities, and those attending will be responsible for their own family members – just like you would be meeting up with friends in a playground.

How can I register my group with the Parent & Family Network?

If you are a group of families of deaf children connecting in someway and want to welcome new local families, you can register your group with us and appear on our website listed as a Parent & Family Network. This will enable other local families to find you and the group can benefit from advice and guidance from us. To register your group get in touch at [email protected]


Within your groups, we know you will take members' and families' welfare seriously and will do all you can to support them. We know that the support your group offers is wide ranging and empathetic. We also know that from time to time, you, or another member may become worried about a family member or group member.

As a group supporting deaf children and their families, it is important that you follow local guidance with regards to safeguarding so that the right support and help is provided. If you need to know more about these, you can contact your local authority, NSPCC Helpline or the NDCS Helpline for information, advice and guidance.



NDCS is not responsible or liable to individuals involved with Parent & Family Networks, or any third parties, for any groups activities or liabilities relating to them, including theft, damage, destruction or loss of property. We are unable to monitor Parent & Family Networks or provide any assurances about them. If you have any concerns about a Parent & Family Network, please contact [email protected]