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Find your nearest local support group

The map below shows where all our different types of groups are roughly located. It's always best to get in touch directly with groups to see exactly where they hold activities or what areas they cover as some cover large areas. It's also useful for groups to hear from parents and carers as to where they'd like activities, so get in touch! There is also a downloadable resource available below which has groups listed by region. 

How to use the map

We support different types of groups that help families to connect, you can read more about them below. To find them on the map click the icon  and select the type of group you'd like to search for, or include all of them.

Local Deaf Children's Societies

We are affiliated with around 90 deaf children's societies across the UK. Each is run by a team of parents and carers – and some with support from local professionals. Click on an icon in the map to get in touch with your nearest group to find out what they do and how you can get involved. Contact details sometimes change, so if you find you don't get a response, please email [email protected] and we'll check for you. If it's easier, use this list below to see if there's a group near you. 

Parent and Family Networks

We also support informal groups known as Parent and Family Networks. These are groups of parents and carers who we know are connecting and meeting up in some way, and happy to welcome new families. Often they are just starting out on their journey and would welcome new families. You can find out if there is a group close to you and get in touch with us to be introduced to local families.

Developing groups

Some groups are currently in development and being supported by us, so there may be a closed Facebook page you can join and connect with other families virtually to start off with. 

We also host and support some specific groups that may be around a particular type of diagnosis or topic, rather than a locality. We will remain main moderators of these types of groups, but they continue to be a parent-led space.

You can find these types of groups on the map and in the downloadable list below.   

No group in your area?

You can read more on how we support families to connect on our Connecting Families page. But do contact us to see how we can help. There may be a group just starting out that we can put you in touch with. Starting a new group might be something you and/or a group of parents have already considered - if so, we can definitely help. Or, maybe, you'd just like to connect with other families near you - let us know by emailing [email protected].

You can also become a member and join our online events where you’ll have the chance to meet other parents of deaf children and gain useful information from our experts. Parent and carer membership is free – join now.