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Chris Bolton Memorial Fund

The Chris Bolton Memorial Fund is a great example of how in-memory giving can be a fitting tribute to a loved one that can help change the lives of deaf young people. 

Chris was born in July 1952, and throughout her life she remained a big kid at heart. That’s why she always had such a strong connection with children and young people.

Among the many things that gave Chris joy were steam trains, baked beans, Dolly Parton and Xena Princess Warrior.

Chris also gave a lot of joy.

She was the kindest, most generous person you could hope to meet. She’d always help a friend or stranger if she could.

She gave the best hugs, and she had a smile to warm the saddest heart. She had a great sense of humour and could make you cry with laughter.

Chris began losing her hearing as a teenager and her deafness progressed throughout her life. She became an ace lip-reader and learned British Sign Language (BSL).

The National Deaf Children’s Society gave Chris the information she needed to be assessed by the NHS.

Due to improvements in hearing aid technology, Chris found the right hearing aids to help her, but she was deaf for the last 10 years of her life

Honouring her memory

After Chris died her partner Annie wanted to honour her memory in a way that reflected her passion for helping young people and her understanding of the challenges deaf children face

Annie contacted us and together we set up the Chris Bolton Memorial Fund to give an annual award to support projects organised and led by deaf young people.

Chris Bolton Memorial Fund

An award from the Chris Bolton Memorial Fund is helping to support this primary school's deaf club where deaf pupils can socialise together and improve their confidence.

The fund that Annie set up in memory of Chris has made a real, practical difference to the lives of deaf children.

And it’s a wonderful way for Chris to be remembered and for her legacy to live on.

Donate in memory of a loved one

Our in-memory giving page explains how you can donate in member of someone you love.

If you wish to speak to someone about in-memory giving, contact Jen Corbett on [email protected] or call her on 0207 014 1102.