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Train with us

Photo: Learning sign language

Deaf Child Worldwide offers NGOs and other interested organisations training programmes tailored to their needs.
We can work online and/or face to face (where/when possible) to deliver a blend of e-learning, live online sessions and in-person trainings.

All of our training programmes are co-facilitated by deaf and hearing trainers working together and are accessible to deaf and hearing participants. Our modules include:

Introduction to Deafness

In this module we define deafness, look at the causes of deafness and the different degrees/types of deafness and help to deconstruct myths and misconceptions about deafness. We look at effective ways of communicating with deaf children and how to work with sign language interpreters. We consider the impact of deafness on children and learn about aspects of deaf community, culture and identity.

Informed Choice

This module examines what options parents may have when they find out their child is deaf. It delves deeper into communication methods such as sign language, use of hearing aids and cochlear implants, lip reading and sign supported language. We look at why early intervention is so crucial, and ways in which to support children who are identified as deaf when they are older.

Family and Community

In this module we learn about the different stages of a child’s development. We discuss how every child is different, and how their abilities and needs may be impacted by the age they became deaf or were identified as being deaf. We look at the different ways families can communicate with their deaf child, find out about ‘incidental learning’ and how to ensure deaf children are included in family conversation and activities.

Social inclusion

This is a holistic module where we look at developing the social and emotional well-being of deaf children. We look at fostering connections with other deaf children and deaf families; advocating for deaf rights, and the importance of deaf role models. We learn how deaf children and young people can develop life skills and employment readiness, as well as understanding how to keep deaf children and young people safe from abuse.

Making training and meetings deaf-friendly

Specific to organisations and groups who wish to offer training or conduct meetings with deaf participants, we can include a session on some of the ways to make these trainings inclusive and deaf-friendly.

Please email [email protected] to further discuss your needs.

What others thought of our training

The sessions were really helpful and were conducted by providing a safe space to explore our questions and doubts.

It was a big success that the training went very well, and I give A to all of the trainers and the participants as well. I really appreciate that the methods applied in the training, was truly participatory and accessible.

This training gave me clear learning on what to do and what not to do in our future sessions

Excellent course. Each point was very thoroughly covered.

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