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I Can Fingerspell!

I Can Fingerspell! is open to any pupil studying for the Foundation Welsh Baccalaureate as an option for the community challenge module.

As an option for the community challenge module, it invites pupils to learn to fingerspell the English and/or Welsh alphabet and pass this knowledge on to younger pupils.

If you are interested in taking up this challenge, please ask your teachers to provide us with an email address below. We will then send you our free resources to help you learn the fingerspelling alphabet.

Dw i'n gallu sillafu â'r bysedd!

Mae Dw i'n gallu sillafu â'r bysedd! ar agor i unrhyw ddisgybl sy'n astudio ar gyfer Bagloriaeth Sylfaen Cymru fel opsiwn ar gyfer y modiwl her gymunedol.

Fel opsiwn ar gyfer y modiwl her gymunedol, mae'n gwahodd disgyblion i ddysgu sut i sillafu'r wyddor Saesneg a/neu Gymraeg â'r bysedd ac i rannu'r wybodaeth hon â disgyblion iau.

Os oes diddordeb gennych mewn cymryd yr her hon, gofynnwch i'ch athrawon roi cyfeiriad e-bost i ni. Wedyn anfonwn ein hadnoddau i chi am ddim i'ch helpu chi ddysgu'r wyddor sillafu â'r bysedd.

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